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Rick Killian

Zem Zem Shriners - Erie PA
To the SAL - Thank you for your support of the Erie Shriner's Hospital through a donation from your Ham and Gun Raffle on March 24, 2012.  It is from donations such as yours that we can continue to provide patient care to children up through the age of 18 at no cost to the family.  I was able to sell 30 tickets to your event to Shriners at a recent meeting in Erie.  They were thrilled that you would consider our Hospital as a choice for your Annual event.  Thank you again and I hope we can continue to help each of our organizations in the future.

Richard Mumford

past member

What are the post normal hours of operation? What days and times is the kitchen in operation? Wouldn't it be a good idea to post this basic info somewhere on the website?


Admin note:

That's a great idea!  Check out the new Info page for hours of operation and address information!

Travis Pettis (Aux. Historian Post 494)

Information Photos

I would love to send you information @ Women's Aux. mtg. & events, along with pictures.  As a member I randomly take pictures in the club as well & would love to share.  Please let me know where to send.  Thanks Jon.

Admin note:

Hi, Travis, thanks for dropping a line!  I'd welcome any and all content.  News, pics, whatever you have, you can email me at




The SAL's officers are all out dated. They have officers that do not even live in the area as officers. The SL's commander needs to follow up on his duties to insure proper proto call/s.

Admin note:

See below post and my response.




This web site is so out of dated its not funny. Who maintains the up dates of this site? Who monitors this site? All of the post officers are out of date for several years. If the post pays to have a web site, whyis it difficult to maintain the interrety of this site?

Admin note: 

Thanks for dropping me a line.  Next time leave me some contact info so I can follow up.

The database running the site was compromised and I had to restore from a very old backup.  I'm working now to bring everything up to date.

Just so everyone knows, the Post pays for HOSTING the site, the same as any other site does.  Think of it like rent.  I, on the other hand, am NOT paid to administer this thing, I volunteer.


Robert Cruze ,American Legion Post 45

I do like your site and would very much appreciate an email from your webmaster.  Please email me at because I have a few questions.  Thank you

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As I look at all of the Legion websites, I miss looking at pictures from your Post.  I realize you just updated your site, but can you include a "photos" section?  You can put pictures from past events on, listed by the name of the event - - - although, if you look at Post 742...... you'll see many of your members there! lol


Post 494 web administrator
This is the first post in the new guest book.  I'll be porting over comments from the old guest book as time allows.  In the mean time, please feel free to leave a comment!

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